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How do I sign a permission slip via EdSmart?

Answered By: Tim Burrows
Last Updated: Nov 01, 2022 Views: 5

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Scotch College uses EdSmart for all permission forms.

If you have received an email from requesting permission for your child you can fill it out by the following:

  1. Click on the link in your email. Each link to parents is unique and should not be shared with others.
    You should not need to log in in order to view and sign the permission slip.
  2. Read through all information carefully.
  3. If the excursion / activity is going to be around water you will need to select your child's swimming ability from the available dropdown options.
  4. Confirm that you have checked and updated any medical details for your child.
  5. Select whether or not permission is granted.
  6. Sign in the available box and the click Submit.

If you are having any issues with opening a link or filling in a form please check out EdSmart Parent Questions.

If you would like to update any email details please contact the college.