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How to use Premier Pro and OneDrive as a student

Answered By: Natalie Dimasi
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Adding the project files needed by Premier Pro

Download Teams if not installed already.

Make sure you have signed into OneDrive and Teams.

Open Teams and go to the Team with your group name. If your entire class has been placed in the teams you will need to go to your assigned Channel and select it.

Select Files.

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Select Sync.

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A pop up will appear, select Allow.

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If this does not work, select Open in SharePoint, then click Sync and then click AllowA picture containing graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated

This will place a folder in your Home Folder, which can be accessed through Finder. 

In finder click on “Go” in the top menu bar and select “Home” from the drop-down menu. Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated

The folder will be synced inside a folder called “PLCScotch”, which is different to OneDrive – PLCScotch.
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You can drag the PLCScotch file into your favourite’s panel, for easy access.

Open PLCScotch, then open the folder with the Team’s name. You should see four folders: Audio, Images, Project and RAW.

Audio is for Audio files, Images is for photos and graphics, Project is for the Adobe Project file to be saved and RAW is for your unedited videos.

NOTE: All source files (audio, video and images) should be placed directly into their respective folder using Finder. Do not use Premier Pro to move any files. This may damage your work.

Open Premier Pro as normal and use the Regular Project option, do not use Team Project. Microsoft Teams handles the permission on who can access your project.

Once you have created your project, save it into the Project Folder in your files. 

The file path may look simiar to this: / Users/<username>/PLCScotch/<Teams Name>/<Channel Name>/PROJECT


Freeing up space

If your job for the project does not require you to have the video folders saved to your laptop you can use the Free Up Space option in OneDrive to prevent the files from being saved to your computer, but you can still see them, and they can be accessed at any time.


Please note: If you delete anything from the Teams files, it can be recovered so long as you email techcentre@scotch.wa.edu.au within 30 days of deleting the files. 

The Tech Centre will also know who has deleted the folders/files.

Important things to remember

  1. With this system, all team members have access to the same version of the project. The issue of one person holding all the files and being absent will not affect workflow, as everything is stored online, providing you save your work regularly
  2. Only one person at a time can have the Premier Pro Project open at the same time.
  3. Syncing OneDrive folders to a laptop will take up space as these files are stored locally. Make sure to use the Free Up Space option for any files you do not need to access or for any old projects that have been completed.
  4. If you have a data limit at home or very poor internet speeds, avoid volunteering to upload any Video files to OneDrive.