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How to print on the Ender3/Ender3Pro 3D Printers?

Answered By: Natalie Dimasi
Last Updated: Jun 24, 2022 Views: 80

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PLEASE NOTE: If you have not used a 3D Printer before - ask for assistance from a D&T staff member. When printing, make sure to watch the first layer to ensure good adhesion and bed level. 

  1. Begin with an STL file from your 3D Design software.
  2. Download “Ultimaker Cura” from the web: https://ultimaker.com/software/ultimaker-cura 
  3. Download the mac version
  4. Open file
  5. Move to Applications
  6. Choose Printers Ender 3 or Ender3 Pro depending on which printer is available
  7. Open your STL file
  8. Check the boxes for “support” and “adhesion”
  9. Slice the file to create the G-Code
  10. Save the file
  11. Select G-Code
  12. Copy file to 3D Printer via MicroSD Card
  13. Print from Card