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How can I create captions for a YouTube video?

Answered By: Kate Flowers
Last Updated: Jun 27, 2022 Views: 48

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YouTube  provides tools that we can use to automatically generate captions for videos, as well as a tool we can then use to make corrections before downloading the completed captions file.

  1. Go to YouTube and sign in using the Scotch Library credentials. Once signed in, click on the camera icon in the top right hand corner, then Upload Video.

  2. Click on the Upload button or drag and drop the video you wish to upload. Ensure that the Unlisted option is selected in the drop down menu. It may take some time for the video to upload, depending on its size. It will take a while after the video has been uploaded for the captions to be generated.

  3. Click on the account icon in the top right hand corner, then click on YouTube Studio.

  4. Select Transcriptions on the left hand menu, and then click on the arrow on the video you have uploaded to reveal the available captions. If an option with (Automatic) isn't there, it means it is still processing, so check again later. If it is there, click on the link at the end of the record to edit it.

  5. Select the Edit option in the top right hand corner to make changes to the timing and wording of the captions.

  6. You can insert new blocks of text, alter the time and alter the text. Make sure you click Save changes in the top right hand corner before you leave the page.

  7. Once you're happy with them, click on the Actions drop down menu, then click on your desired file format. We usually use .srt.