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How do I create, edit and export video subtitles in Microsoft Stream?

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Adding, editing and exporting subtitles in Microsoft Stream is extremely straightforward. Follow these instructions to learn how to do this. 


  1. Go to home.Scotch, and search for Office 365

  2. You may have to login using your UID and Password.

  3. Search for Microsoft Stream using the scrolling App bar near the top of the page. If you can't find it, you can also use the Search Bar, at the very top.

  4. Once you have opened Microsoft Stream, you should see this homepage. Click on Create, and then Upload Video from the drop down box. 

  5. From here you can upload any video of your choosing, and once done, you can edit the details of the video within Stream.

  6. Click on Options, and ensure that under Captions, Autogenerate a Caption File is ticked. Once the upload is complete, select Publish Now.

  7. After it has been uploaded, you can edit the transcript (the autogenerated captions created by Stream) by selecting the relevant text clip and editing the contents. Check that your changes have saved for each clipEnsure that punctuation is added to the transcript.

  8. To export a completed video's captions, click the ellipsis (...) button next to the Like button, and from the dropdown box, click Update Video Details

  9. To export those captions as a file onto your computer, click Download File next to the Captions options, highlighted in red below. 

  10. Use the Subtitle Tools website to convert your exported captions file into an SRT file for uploading to Clickview  along with your video.