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How do I set-up and sync my OneDrive?

Answered By: Brad Tyrrell
Last Updated: Jun 26, 2022 Views: 8

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When you receive a new laptop, it is likely you will need to re-set-up your OneDrive  to access the same files.


  1. Open Self Service , locate OneDrive  and press Install. If you cannot find this in Self Service  or it is not downloading, OneDrive can also be found in the App Store .  

  2. Once OneDrive  is downloaded, open the app and you will be met with a window entitled 'Set up OneDrive'. This will require you to enter your school email address (i.e. the email you used to intitially set up the account) and press Sign In

  3. The application will then take you to a PLCScotch Login Portal Page, where you will be required to enter your email and password.

  4. OneDrive  will then show you a message with an image of your OneDrive folder, and will ask you to 'Choose OneDrive Folder Location'. Select this option to continue.

  5. To choose this location, a dropdown menu will appear asking you which location you would like to save your OneDrive Folder to. The best option is to save it to your User folder, which will have your username as the title (Student number for students or username for staff). Then click 'Choose this Location' to confirm this.

  6. The application will then ask you which specific folders and files you would like to sync. If you would like to sync all, simply select the checkbox at the top. To sync specific folders, select and unselect folders as needed, and then press Next

  7. Your OneDrive  will then be ready to use. It is best to select the option that says 'Open at login so my files sync automatically' so that files sync as much as possible. Then select 'Open my OneDrive - PLCScotch folder', which will then take you to Finder  where your OneDrive Folder is located.