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How do I create Interactive ClickView videos? [Staff]

Answered By: Natalie Dimasi
Last Updated: Jun 27, 2022 Views: 88

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ClickView  has a feature that allows teachers to create interactive videos. These interactive videos can present students with different kinds of questions whilst they watch a video. The teacher then has access to analytic tools to view what each student puts for their answers.


  1. When viewing your video, Click on the Interactive Videos tab, then the Create new Interactive Video button.
  2. Once the editor has loaded the video, skip to the time you wish to add an interactive element and Click on one of the options highlighted.

  3. Enter The Question you want to ask in the box (in this example I selected short answer). You can also change the time the question appears using the box below. Once you have added all the interactive elements to the video, Click on Save and continue.

  4. Next, you can Add A Name for the interactive video, a Description of the content, and a Thumbnail image. Once you are happy with the video, Click on Publish to finish the process.

  5. Once you have Published your video, you will be forwarded to this page. To find your interactive video, Click on the Workspace tab at the top of the page.

  6. Your interactive videos will be under the Interactive Videos tab on the left.
  7. Once your videos have been listed, you can share the video so other people can view it. Click on the Share button that corresponds to your video.

  8. A window should appear that will give you a Link to your video that students can follow.

  9. Once students have answered the questions, you can view their answers by clicking on the View Student Results button next to your video.
  10. Finally, it is also possible to Make A Copy of an interactive video that other teachers have made, so you can edit it or give it to another group of students. To do this, navigate to the original video, select the Interactive Video Tab at the bottom of the video, and click copy on the desired interactive video. This will place a copy in your own workspace.