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Scotch College Library 'Weeding' Policy

Answered By: Kate Flowers
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This document outlines the process by which the Scotch libraries determine if a resource is to be removed from the collection.



  • Removed:
    The resource will no longer be presented on the shelf or in an online catalogue.
  • Weed:
    The resource is deleted and removed from the collection.
  • Donate:
    The resource is offered to other community groups.
  • Condition:
    The aesthetic state in which the book or resource is currently determined to be.



On a regular basis, the library evaluates the current print and digital collection it owns and determines whether the resources are still required, according to the College’s current requirements and policies. When evaluating a resource, the following are taken into consideration - in no particular order:


  1. The year of publication
  2. An evaluation of the item’s history of lending
  3. The current condition of the item
  4. The current curriculum requirements
  5. Any special interest or reason for the resource to remain
  6. The factual information within the resource has been verified
  7. The quality of the recording (audio)
  8. Any other considerations


When it has been decided that an item be ‘removed’, it is put into a holding location for a period of three months to a year, depending on the nature of the resource. During this time the library staff monitor the number of requests for the resource, if any. The resource remains in the catalogue and shows in all searches conducted by the community.


At the end of the holding period, if the resource has not been requested, the item will then be ‘weeded’, meaning that is deleted from the catalogues, all Scotch branding removed and an email sent to advise a defined group for donation.


Once an item has been ‘weeded’ from the collection, Information Research Specialists will determine if replacement resources need to be purchased.


The assessment of the collection and final decisions are made by the Information Research Specialists in each sub school.


Date of policy approval 08/01/2016
Version Number 1.0
Policy Contact Bradley Tyrrell - Head of Library, Information and Research Services
Policy review date 08/01/2017