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Scotch College Library Gifts and Donations Policy

Answered By: Kate Flowers
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This policy relates to the donation or gifting of resources to the College libraries by members of the community. It should be applied to ensure that gifts and donations are responded to with the appropriate level of care and appreciation.



  • Gift:
    Provision of a new resource purchased for the library to benefit the College and Scotch community in the core business of education.
  • Donation:
    Providing a (used) resource to the library that has a benefit to the College and Scotch community in the core business of education.
  • Resource:
    A resource can take the form of books, software, furniture, hardware that has a tangible benefit to the Scotch community.
  • Assessed:
    Upon receiving any item into the library, an assessment will be made as to the benefit of the resource. At this time, if a resource is determined to have little benefit to the core role of the library, it will be passed on according to its best use.



All gifts and donations will be assessed to ensure they meet the requirements of the Scotch library strategic plan. Using the above definitions, members of the public or the Scotch community are directed to contact the Head of Library, Information and Research Services in order to facilitate the assessment of the gift or donation. At this time, they will be advised of this policy to ensure they understand our guidelines.


Upon receiving the resource the Head of Library, Information and Research Services, or delegate, will assess the resource and determine if they are of benefit to the Scotch Community. Items that fall outside collection development and have little perceived benefit will result in contact being made with the member gifting or donating the resource to see if they would like the items returned or otherwise disposed of.


Items kept will, where possible, be attributed to those who have gifted/donated the resource.  The library reserves the right in the future to dispose of the resource without consultation. Before this occurs, the College archives department will be contacted to evaluate any archival value.



Date of policy approval 15/7/2015
Version Number 1.0
Policy Contact Bradley Tyrrell - Head of Library, Information and Research Services
Policy review date 15/7/2017