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Scotch College Library Challenge Policy

Answered By: Kate Flowers
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In some circumstances, members of the community may question resources held within the libraries. This policy explains the College’s position and rationalisation of indicated materials.



  • Challenge:
    Providing a mechanism and action for the question of whether resources are suitable for retention in the library collections, due to the nature of their content.
  • Resource:
    A resource can take the form of books, software, furniture or hardware that is held to have a tangible benefit to the Scotch community.
  • Assessed:
    Upon receiving the completed challenge form, the validity of the request will be evaluated based on the educational expectations of the College, the IBO and the Australian Curriculum.



Occasionally, objections to material may be made, despite the care taken to select quality material for the use of students and teachers. Clear guidelines are provided within the circulation policy that relate to how the College libraries select the materials within the collection. Unlike many libraries, Scotch provides resources on a range of topics based on the requirements within the International Baccalaureate guidelines and principles, which, at times, may include content that other libraries would not require within their collection.


Within all Scotch libraries, students are informed regarding the labelling which defines different levels and appropriateness of resources. Community members have the right and are encouraged to question the inclusion of resources if they feel strongly enough, however a holistic view of the collection is encouraged and individual boys’ scholastic requirements are also considered. With reference to general library borrowing, parents have the right to refuse access to specific library resources based on their personal preference for their son’s reading while at the College. These requests need to be made in writing to the teacher-librarian responsible for that sub-school.


Community members who desire review of a library resource provided to the College students - with the understanding above - may access an online form located at the bottom of this article.


Upon receiving the challenge, the library will acknowledge by email and within 30 days a reply will be made regarding our determination to retain or remove the resource from the collection. The assessment will be made, taking account of the following factors:


  1. The overall content within the resource
  2. The age of the boy for whom the resource is assessed
  3. The specifics of the challenge
  4. The College’s circulation policy
  5. The curriculum that the resource addresses (if non-fiction)


The assessment will be conducted by the;

  • Head of Library, Information and Research Services - Scotch
  • Teacher librarian – Scotch (sub-school)
  • Teacher librarian – External party (must be an International Baccalaureate accredited school)
  • Another qualified person, being either a subject specialist, curriculum leaders or chaplain.



Date of policy approval 15/7/2015
Version Number 1.0
Policy Contact Bradley Tyrrell - Head of Library, Information and Research Services
Policy review date 15/7/2017